Wild Sky Photo - nature photography by Paul Beebe

A Little About Paul

I make my home on the edge of the wilderness in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. I grew up loving the outdoors, and while still in my teens I learned fur trapping, eventually running a trapline of my own. There I would spend several months each year roaming lakes, rivers, and trails by canoe and by snowshoe.paul-1

I also taught myself knife making as a young man, and continue to pursue this craft today (visit beebeknives.com). It was actually my involvement in knife making that introduced me into the world of photography. Initially, I was simply needing to photograph pieces of my work for advertising and marketing, but I quickly discovered that photography itself provided a unique and fulfilling medium of artistic expression in its own right.

Although I no longer trap, my deep appreciation for nature and its wonders persists. Using my camera, I hope to convey to others a bit of the beauty with which I find myself surrounded. By drawing attention to what might appear to be even the most common of subjects while presenting them in interesting ways, I hope to inspire the viewer to also appreciate and even wonder at the natural world around them.  


copyright 2016 Paul E. Beebe